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    Praveen had realized quite early in his career that there was a different path paved for him to move to the destiny which could lead him to a harbor that would show him the path of treasuring the precious moments of world under his lens…hold back for the complete stories in the further tab.
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    A query from most of our clients comes in lieu of the tools used,and a reply right from the mouths of our creative team comes as,our team uses two sets of kits -Canon 5D Mark III and Sony Alpha 7 Mark II covering all of the professional range of lenses.
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    You can Contact me for Candid Wedding Photoshoot or Wedding photography, pre wedding photography and Fine art Photography
Marriage has always been one of the most memorable moments in every person's life. The happiness of a new bond and the sadness of leaving her home is clearly seen in the bride's demeanour. Fridaypic is among the best candid wedding photographers from Delhi. Chief photographer of fridaypic.com, Mr.Praveen Kaushik is a passionate photographer who left his engineering job at HCL to start a career in photography. That very fact speaks of our passion for photography! Ours is a Gurgaon based company which primarily provides services for wedding and pre wedding photography. A wedding photographer has to take note of each and every turn of event in a marriage and capture the moments which will be cherished forever by the bride, groom and all their loved ones. Fridaypic offers you with a wide range of candid wedding photographers who can capture your wedding day's most precious moments in their lenses. Wedding is not just an event, it is a conglomeration of emotions, traditions and culture. While there are tears of separation and there is also the excitement and joy of starting a new life. Candid wedding photographers of Fridaypic do a lot of research before attending any marriage. They collect the details of the cultural background of the bride and groom, study their traditions in marriage and try to incorporate it in the photography session of their marriage. That particularly puts the personal touch to the photos of the event. Our clients have given numerous positive feedbacks for our photography at their marriage ceremony. The candid moments of joy and passion of the bride, groom and their loved ones are framed in the lenses of our wedding photographers. Have a look at the enchanting photos from the marriage of Shruti & Tejas, Vindya & Abhigyan, Monika & Abhishek, Sheetal & Chandeep, Juhi & Karan, Richa & Ateev and many more lovebirds that have been our past projects. Our candid wedding photographers do not just focus on capturing the moments directly but also in innovative and appealing ways. All the events of marriage like haldi, mehndi, sangeet, baraat, marriage ceremony, reception and even bachelor parties are covered by us. All the elaborate traditions and arrangements of the ceremony are covered leaving no stones unturned. The ecstatic decoration, the alluring lehnga cholis, the royal sherwanis, the breathtakingly beautiful jewelleries and all the material beauty is also captured by our wedding photographers. It is not just the wedding day moments that we capture, but also the pleasant pre-wedding celebrations. Right before the wedding, the eagerness and happiness of the couple becomes contaminating. We try to capture that feeling in the most enchanting way possible. Fridaypic's wedding photographers, who are among the best candid wedding photographers in Delhi, put their best efforts to capture the pre wedding celebrations and emotions in the most genuine way possible. With different exotic backdrops and lightings, our wedding photographers try to create soothingly romantic ambience to set the lovebirds in the right moods and then get the clicks. Richa & Ateev, Juhi & Karan, Anuja & Nishant, Divya & Karan's pre wedding clicks are among our best works. Do have a look at them and you yourself will get the idea about how beautifully our wedding photographers get these pics. In a country rich in cultural diversity and traditional values, marriage and its related rituals are considered highly auspicious and important. The ceremony becomes an irreplaceable memory in the couple's life and we, at Fridaypic, put our heart and soul into making it even more memorable. The candid wedding photographers of Fridaypic take various shots of the bride and groom, capturing them from different angles. Marriage takes the bride through a rollercoaster of emotions and our experienced wedding photographers put those overflowing emotions into still frames. The clinks of bangles, the jingle of payal and the chiming jhumkas of the ladies in the event add a different level of energy to the event. We even cover these tiny little things in our photography in addition to the photographs of all main events. Shifting the focus from the gorgeous ladies and the bride, we also put our best efforts in capturing the groom gleaming with joy. The twinkle in his eyes for starting a new life ahead is what makes the pics of the groom very appealing. We take extensive care to click the best moments of the groom, particularly during baraat and the marriage event. And it is not just the groom we capture but also his friends and family who dance around madly in the baraat. The vigour and energy of the family members and friends is so enticing that it becomes clearly visible in the pics. Our wedding photographers have got numerous feedbacks for our explicit work at different marriage events, making them some of the best candid wedding photographer from Delhi. It is not just marital events that we cover, but also many more services. Our experienced photographers provide great photo sessions for different product launches that will certainly improve the look and presentation of your products over internet. Better pictures will directly bring more viewers and probable customers. Fine Arts photography is one of our other successful ventures in which we cover real life still images and natural beauty. What makes us stand out of the crowd is our team of professional photographers who use top notch cameras like CANON 5D MARK3, CANON 16-35 MM F2.8 LENS, CANON 85 MM F1.2 LENs, CANON 50 MM F1.8 LENS, CANON 70-200 MM F2.8 LENS, CANON 24-105 MM F4.0 LENS, TAMRON 90 MM F2.8 MACRO LENS. Our team of photographers provide a dedicated service to the client and put their best effort to bring about the smile in their face. Don't Forget to Call for Candid Wedding Photographer in Gurgaon, GuruGram, Delhi and NCR Region